Your Questions Answered

How fast does it go? With the standard Cosworth 220 BHP engine, 0-60mph takes 6.5 seconds with top speed of 157mph. With a chipped 350 BHP engine, 0-60mph takes 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 168mph.

What is it? It is a replica of Ford's RS 200 Group B Rally Car which was designed specifically for rallying. Its timeless shape appealed to many with its fierce lines and contours. Our car takes motoring to another level with supercar performance and handling at fast hatch prices. All with the refinements of a Ford Sierra Cosworth but with unrivalled supercar characteristics.

How long does it take to build? With a time scale of around 300hours it equates to building a Sierra from an empty shell.

Can I insure it? The car is very reasonable to insure on a specialist policy. Companies that quote are :-

 -Adrian Flux & Co.(Kit Car Dept.)    -Osbourne & Sons (Specialist Car Dept.)

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Technical Info

Engine : Cosworth 16v Turbo, 220 BHP to 350 BHP

Transmission : Renault UN1 5 speed transaxle

Suspension :

Front :  2  1/4 coil springs 180lb, adjustable platform struts, TCA, antiroll bar with caster and camber adjustment.

Rear : Unequal length twin wishbones, twin 2  1/4 coil springs 120lb, adjustable platform springs, steel uprights with camber and TOE adjustments.

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Standard Features

  • Full Race Cage
  • Passenger Safety Cell
  • Side Impact Protection System
  • Door Intrusion Bars
  • Shock Absorbing Crumple Zones
  • Foldaway Steering Column
  • Recaro Seats
  • All Electrical Extras
  • Electric Windows/Mirrors
  • Fuel Safety Cut Out
  • Fire Retardant Gel Coats

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How to register an EVO 200

  1.  New number plate. A current years registration plate can be obtained if the car is built using all new parts. It must be 100% new and all major receipts must be kept to be viewed by the DVLA.
  2. Donor Plate. If a donor vehicle is used and the main components transferred to your new car, you will be allocated a new age related number plate. You will have to give the DVLA your log book to have the details transferred.
  3. "Q" reg number plate. Any second hand parts can be used to optain a Q plate.

NB All kit cars have to undergo an IVA test which is like a super MOT. Details are available from the VOSA website.